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Oct 20, 2012 11:00am EDT
dispute with mario and other students, and ronald reagan, who was running for governor at this time and made campus protests a major issue in his campaign and who was at odds with clark kerr and mario savio. what you can see in the book is that behind the scenes of many of these well-known events, the fbi was deeply involved with these people and the university of california and was secretly tampering with history trying to influence public policy behind-the-scenes. >> why not give a little background. how did you start this? i remember you as the young undergraduate. >> those were the days. , i was a reporter for the daily california, my editor asked if i was interested interested in what the daily cow had gotten under the freedom of information act. i knew the fbi had been deeply involved in domestic surveillance elsewhere as a result of hearings before the, i knew berkeley had been and i was intrigued to know what the fbi was up to behind-the-scenes at berkeley so i looked at these documents and consulted a role, and the vietnam committee, researching those stories, i realize the
Oct 21, 2012 3:15pm EDT
to be in a great dispute with mario savio and other students, and then ronald reagan who was running for governor at this time and made campus protests a major issue in the his campaign -- in his campaign and who was at odds with both clark kerr and mario savio. and what you can see in the book is that behind the seens of many of these -- scenes of many of these well known events, the fbi was deeply involved with these people and with the university of california and was secretly tampering with history, trying to influence public policy behind the scenes. >> so why don't you give a little background, how did you start this quest? what got you going? because i remember you as a young undergraduate living next door to me on herr street. >> yes. >> innocent. [laughter] >> those were the days. well, i first got interested in this when i was a student here at berkeley in the late '70s. i was a reporter for the daily californian, and my editor asked me if i was interested in taking a look at some fbi documents that the daily cal had gotten under the freedom of information act, and i jumped at the chanc
Oct 24, 2012 7:00pm PDT
another president who raised taxes. >> ronald reagan did not do this. i served with ronald reagan. ronald reagan had a massive tax cut and it did not work he ended up raising taxes 11 times. ronald reagan did not do this. ronald reagan couldn't even be the standard bearer this time based on what he did. >> it is so true that ronald reagan could not possibly win the nomination this year among republicans since he actually raised taxes as governor and president. >> and would be hard even with his reputation now as the ultimate cold warrior. he could never have gone out there saying, as mitt romney did, well they kept the drones and we should go in there and bomb the place or invade. that was mitt romney's position in the primaries. ronald reagan never took those positions. well, there was grenada. there was such a wide gap over these many decades between the ronald reagan who actually was president and the ronald reagan that they think they're following. >> the bombing of the marine bar racks during reagan and he just retreated. ari, 13 days is going to go so fast. where do you think the pr
Oct 24, 2012 1:00am PDT
of ronald reagan. he told the donors at the event he had three rules when he ran bain capital. the first rule was focus. the second rule was focus. and the third rule was focus. then mr. romney pulled out this presidential historical anecdote to illustrate what he said he meant by that kind of focus. here's how mr. romney's remarks were quoted in the press report that day. the idea was put all your energy and passion at the job all the hand. i heard from secretary jim baker just a couple weeks ago. he said in the first hundred days of the reagan presidency, we had a national security meeting one day where we talked about developments in latin america that were of concern. and after that meeting president reagan called me in and said, i want no more national security meetings over the next 100 days -- all of our time has to be focused on getting our economy going. mitt romney told this to a bunch of donors in montana in july. this is the thing he was praising ab the ronald reagan presidency. it turned out this never happened. he never stopped his briefings because he said he needed to foc
FOX News
Oct 6, 2012 9:00am PDT
for what he did and not tie him to ronald reagan. we make a mistake when we look for ronald reagan. we were not looking for lincoln when we found reagan. and we were looking for a landlorder and we found one the other night. >> so many conservatives feel your father set the high bar in the presidential debates. >> i think they probably did. that is the only person they have been able to quote. they had no other republican to quote . now there is another republican. i bruced mitt romney a couplev years ago in the los angeles california club and i said to the group that is there. let's not make the mistake of looking for the next ronald reagan. we may do that and walk past the next great leader of our movement. when you put machine up against ronald reagan. they will fail because it is ronald reagan. let mitt romney have his moment and applaud him and not try to tie him to the past buto. >> why do people say you need that phrase and sentence in a debate that can be remembered for people going forward for the generation toz come. why do you have to have that pivotal moment. >> they are the gam
FOX Business
Oct 26, 2012 9:20am EDT
house screening room or invite them to dinner. >> ronald reagan used to invite to the meal for a drink and they worked -- never happens with obama. charles: what we are talking about is someone with a rock star mentality. he surrounds himself with 6 offense, no trust or believe in anyone else and -- really, we are talking about a person who feels he is a rock star. >> he is treated by people around him like a rock star, like muhammad ali. they don't treat him as a politician. stuart: 11 days ago. you can change your likability factor. can't be, different guy. he is stuck with this image. >> the whole campaign has been a reflection of his character. the debate for instance. he gets on stage with romney and looks like he would like to murder this guy because he has no right to be on stage with him. stuart: you wrote the book and know what you are talking about. see us again soon. the big economic story of the day just 2% growth for the economy. during summer months. july through september. may try to spin this as better than expected and better than the numbers we got in spring but 2% gr
Oct 27, 2012 6:00pm EDT
-span: the president mentioned the most was ronald reagan. he's mentioned on 11 different pages. by the way, john kennedy, harry truman and jimmy carter are not mentioned at all. talk about that. >> guest: i admired john f. kennedy and voted for him, but the importance of ronald reagan for someone like myself, a neo-conservative, is that he brought neo-conservatism into the conservative spectrum. ronald reagan was he first republican president to praise franklin d. roosevelt. newt gingrich has since followed him in that. now this was a breakthrough. it meant that the republican party, unlike, say, the goldwater republican party of 1964, was no longer fighting against the new deal; that it was possible to think of reforming many of the institutions bequeathed to us by the new deal, but that the issue of the new deal was behind us. and acceptance of the new deal in principle, if not in all of its details, was one of the basic differences between neo-conservatives and traditional republican conservatives, who were still fighting against the new deal. but once ronald reagan began praising franklin d.
FOX News
Oct 13, 2012 8:00am PDT
they do it in the november/december period or do it right away. >> ronald reagan said not only tax cuts, but what represented a big tax increase and closing of a number of loop holes that this president has taken to mean that the gipper was for raising taxes. but he closed loop holes because reagan thought it was a sin to use that to avoid paying taxes. do you think that closing loop holes and getting rid of credits and allowance. >> not if it is revenue neutral. that is the key. when i heard about that. we were in japan for an economic summit with the president and someone called and said they have a deal and take the top rates from 50 to 28 percent and i yelled take it. i said tell them we'll take it. >> we look at the numbers. >> it is a big are number. >> and get rid of an awful lot of these things. you take a deal like that any time. >> who said -- you are a pragmatic guy. >> i used to be a supply sergeant. you are a giver and not a taker. >> and pat buchanan one of the finest speakers of the conservative mope e move a hell of a writer, too. >> my senator from my state joins us. to
FOX News
Oct 4, 2012 1:00pm PDT
swinging, you better do what ronald reagan did after a lackluster opening debate with mondale. i don't know whether he does it with aject -- a joke or a quick zinger at ronald reagan did but is it incumbent upon the president to get the forts back and get back in the game? >>guest: you would think so. how could we avoid the critique of the president's performance in that debate? as i said from left to right it has been very, very critical. it is hard to think of a debate except maybe the 1980 debate between reagan and carter where the gap between the incumbent and the challenger was so great, if this doesn't get the obama white house attention nothing will. you are right, they will come up with some lines or a joke or something but it is not as though romney is just going to sit back and do nothing between now and the next debate. my guess is based on his past practice, he already is working with portman on new answers. >>neil: i like what you said "right now" it is changing people's perception of mitt romney. professor, always a pleasure, thank you. to wall street and whether investors thi
Oct 22, 2012 1:00am EDT
in there "state of the union" address. today that is normal. that was not done. ronald reagan did it for the first time. ronald -- every president has since then to use their political goals. close to home i have done a lot of work with educators. what is brian lael like? he did not want the biography done. i plumped him and finally got a contract. i said what do you think? he said i guess. i cannot say no. i have the station committed to open access information. then he was wonderful. he did not interfere. gave me a list of his friends and that was fun. i did a book that look that individuals change in natural policy. and elected and appointed individuals that created major legislation. >> host: what do you teach at the naval academy? >> the almost always are the number one. we say we aren't dead value added major technical education plus science i teach media and politics campaigns and elections since oliver north we have required of government course what is going on when oliver north is not understand the military? said that the budget hearings they required us. we don't talk about 75% but now
Oct 4, 2012 9:00pm PDT
. the challenger was ronald reagan. everybody knows how the election came out that year. that's not what we're talking ant here. what we're talking about is who won that first debate. incumbent president jimmy carter or was it the challenger, ronald reagan? >> leaving cleveland this morning, the president had a message for anyone who thought reagan had come across better in the debate. >> i think the issues are more important than the performance. >> the president is visibly more relaxed today than he was on the stage with governor reagan last night. since there's no way to know yet for sure which man helped himself the most, it's likely that the president is simply relieved that the debate that many of his advisers never wanted in the first place is finally behind him. >> relieved that it is over. so that was the coverage the day after the reagan/carter debate. because reagan went on to win the election that year, retrospectively that 1980 debate has been inviewed with a lot of over the top reagan worship stuff about his there you go again line and his are you better off than you were four
Oct 12, 2012 11:00pm PDT
been done before. >> ronald reagan. >> now you're jack kennedy. >> ronald reagan. >> twitter was atwitter about that. that comment got a noticeable reaction from the group of undecided voters i watched during the debate last night. see it blown up there in the bottom of the screen. here is the problem, both kennedy and reagan working in a different time and place. to start, when both kennedy and reagan took office, individual tax rates not even in the ballpark of what we have now. kennedy's plan, enacted after his death, took the top marginal tax rate from 91% to 71% over a two-year period. lots of loopholes, but the growth argument, gdp rose by barely a percent during that time. isn't much when the economy was growing at a rate like china's, but the u.s. was at the time. they got a boost, but not much of one. ronald reagan's first big tax cut went into effect, and the economy did surge. economic growth went from 4.9% to north of 8%. year three, not so impressive. look at quarters, there were some drops. for perspective, today, the top marge call tax rate is 30%, not
FOX Business
Oct 19, 2012 11:00pm EDT
't be older as we are. ronald reagan was president and point often misd in history ronald reagan's response to the cris was essentially, don't go overboard with bigixes and expensivfixes. the famous queryhen asked about the falloff, i think he said something to the efct markets go up, markets go down. in other words, don't make a mountain out of what could be a comparatively a molehill and overdo setting up for the next crash. they kept it besidesircuit eakers and curbs, they sort of limited it tothat. cynics and critics of ronald reagan said that set up scandals and everything se. but i really do think it kept the government out of rewing up something that they would only make wor. what do you think? >> absolutely becse the market needed to correct. resources needed to be allocated. we were misallocating resources because of inflation and they needed to be reallocated. that's when decided to have real growth. when the market prevents governments fr clearing we don't have real growth and struggling like we do today. this is reality today. bernanke is printing money like crazy for fou yes.
FOX News
Oct 2, 2012 1:00pm PDT
and how ronald reagan did that. you do not have to change things immediately, you just have to give a plan that makes people think and hope and pray you have started the process, right? >>guest: that is correct. you need to get growth. you have to get growth. you cannot balance the budget on the backs of the unemployed and the poor. that is where a flat tax comes in. it allows attraction of the capital abroad. sam nunn was correct, you have to cut government spending. that has to happen, especially entitlements where you pay people not to work. there are other ways of bringing the debt down. cool ones. for example, how about a federal state, local, tax amnesty program? there are a lot of people in the underground economy that would be brought above ground with amnesty program. i estimate a federal, state and local tax amnesty program would raise about $800 billion in 90 days. you can also sell some assets off. camped person -- camp pendleton is 500 square miles in california. why not sell it? >>neil: my point, when you say it is too big to handle, you are missing the point, you cannot cut
Oct 1, 2012 7:00pm PDT
, ronald reagan's. on the other hand, you had the debt limit talks in 2011 where president obama in the middle of talks never, until this day, has gotten specific. we don't know if he offered to raise the medicare retirement age. we don't know how much he said he would cut medicare and enact entitlement reform. so he did the opposite. he went into a serious negotiation not as a candidate but as the president and never got specific. it's one of the reasons we never got a big debt limit deal. so i think mitt romney actually is following the reagan pattern. the question is who when it comes to real negotiation with congress will follow through and get it done. i think mitt romney would be stronger at that. the president, if he could have done it, would have done it. >> secretary reich, you said -- >> let me -- with due respect, with due respect to mr. fleischer, the fact is when ronald reagan was running we didn't have the kind of budget deficit we have right now. it's very -- >> that's not the point. >> let me just finish, i may, finish this thought -- you cann as a presidential ca
Oct 21, 2012 7:00pm EDT
an economic standpoint that produces more prosperity, how would works under ronald reagan and how jack kennedy did that. but you don't hear the same argument coming from this administration. they can't argue the fact is because the facts do not back them up. they also can't come forward and have an honest discussion about what their objectives are whereas conservatives will argue our objective is to elevate everybody by increasing prosperity, by and reaching the private sector from overbearing not reasonable but overbearing the government regulations so that everybody can prosper. we believe there is an unlimited devotee for prosperity that it's a fixed amount, it's appalling and free but it's a slice of it and is never going to get any bigger that is and how we see things. but you don't hear the left articulating a response to that discussion because what obama wants to do is force the redistribution, and if he were honest about that, honest about his goal of not just equalizing everyone, but bringing them down because that is what happens when you try to equalize income you bring everybody d
FOX News
Oct 14, 2012 12:30pm PDT
on television. >> so campaigns obsess over details. when ronald reagan debated walter mondale, rollins and beckel were the opposing campaign managers. >> do you remember how high the podiums would be? >> days. >> we had days negotiating. >> the color of the room. >> what difference would it make to the candidate what color the room was? >> because in certain conditions, certain colors work for certain candidates. >> because mondale was shorter than reagan -- >> we wanted more distance between the two podiums. we debated between 7 1/2 feet and 9 feet for a day and a half. >> the first debate came, and reagan struggled. >> 2/3 of the defense budget pays for pay and salary -- or pay and passengers. >> he looked tired and ragged. the general observation was they just spent too much time with a 70-year-old guy trying to beat every factoid into his brain. >> people said ronald reagan is too old for the office. >> you're already the oldest in history. >> in the next debate, reagan was ready for that. >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i'm not going to exploit for political pur
Oct 14, 2012 1:40pm EDT
in touch with key members of  y across the country and ronald reagan institutionalized it. it's on the white house office of political affairs, chevy president since has had none is given as the situation now where you're used to having the key campaign advisers by david axelrod david karl rove who are on the government payroll. they are there to help the president do the job come but they're certainly the concern that you have a perception of a politicized white house and a politicized president. >> host: brendan doherty is a professor at the u.s. naval academy. this is most recent book, "the rise of the president's permanent campaign." university of kansas is the publisher. ofessor doherty, d.c. that ar battleground states, do they ge short shrift because of this? >> guest: they do. they certainly do. in chapter four of the book i look at places presidents never go or at least rarely go. in the states that systematically neglected by both parties tend to be small
Oct 15, 2012 1:40am EDT
. and ronald reagan institutionalized it. he founded the white house office of political affairs which every president since has had, and that's given us the situation we have now where you are used to having the key mpaign advisers like david axelrod and david plus and karl rove who are in the white house on the government payroll. they are there to help the president do his job, but there are certainly the concerns that you have a perception of a politicized white house and a politicized presidency. >> brendan doherty is a professor of the u.s. naval academy. this is his most recent book th rise of the president's permanent campaign, university of kansas is the publisher. professor, do states and aren't battleground states, do they ge the short shrift because of this? they do. they certainly do. and in chapter four of the book i look at places the president' never go or at least rarely. the states that systematicall neglected by the partie
Oct 1, 2012 1:15am EDT
supply side of the same kind we had under ronald reagan. >> would you change anything you wrote in the original "wealth and poverty." >> i would have changed quite a lot. i mean, there. all kind of detail that have changed. but i found that do try to change one thing would be to change everything. so, you know, you have in to a bunch of editorial work. instead of changing it, i essentially retained the old book and added 30,000 new words at the beginning and end. and revision of my monetary policy in the middle. and so it's a new book. but it contains the old book. >> and when you say a revights of the monetary politician. what cow do you mean by that? >> well, i fail to make clear in the original version of wealthy and poverty that i believe that stable currency. i don't believe in floating currency. i agree with steve forbes that foreign currency can is standard of value by which every imeerp europe has to guide the investment and decisions is like floating the hour so that people wouldn't have to work so many. one month you'd have the hour worth 50 minutes. the next is 70 min
FOX Business
Oct 13, 2012 2:00am EDT
of times. jack kennedy, ronald reagan. biden: now your jack kennedy? gerri: that was a cheap shot. bided was wronwhen he claimed lower tax rates never had higher revenues. 1920's were slashed from 70% down a 20%. there rose 60%. kennedy cut across the board with the top rate down at 70%. tax revenues jump. ronald reagan proposed sweeping tax rate reduction and the result revenues up 99%. biden: we made sure we cut taxes for the middle-class. gerri: not even close to trooper release seven taxes from obamacare ball directly on the middle class. the tax for not having health care insurance. obacare taxed the many in the name of flexible spending account in those to deduct from taxes. i could go on and on. joe biden scored big points claiming hedge funds would benefit. biden: 90% of small business america make less than $250,000. others are hedge funds making $600 billion per year that counts as the small business. gerri: hedge fund? the irs says they fall within the household of the top two brackets that the administration wants to raise taxes. and more than half of americans. vice presiden
FOX News
Oct 7, 2012 12:00pm PDT
republican primary george bush had momentum against ronald reagan until the debate. there was a moment where reagan looked strong. >> john: that moment helped change the campaign. >> read my lips. [ applause ] >> incidents between a hockey mom and pit bull, lip stick. >> others is seize ago moment you didn't expect to happen. >> there you go again. >> most moments so far this election has been poorly fliazed comments. >> if you got a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> i like being able to fire people and put services to people. >> they call them gaffes but the media don't know. when ed uskie lost the '72 primary, everyone said candidates can't cry because that is weak, but then in 2008, hillary clinton cried. >> i have so many opportunities in this country. >> she begin to tear up. her voice cracked. she showed being human. [ applause ] >> this is very personal for me. >> people perceive that as weakness. i think they will. >> it makes her look like the campaign is in trouble. >> the days before, clinton showed was showed ten points behind. the next day she b
Oct 3, 2012 4:00pm PDT
advantage. >> well, let's take a look at the presidential debate now in 1984. ronald reagan was asked if he was too old to be president. >> i want you to know that i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i'm not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. [laughter] >> that is also one of my favorite lines. >> that is my favorite as well. >> it is pretty good. it tells us nothing about policy but it made us laugh. >> it tells us that he had a sense of humor. this was not a spontaneous response. it was carefully prepared and his camp knew that the montel camp would make an issue. it was a prepared sound bite but it was beautifully delivered and it worked tremendously well. >> a memorable vice presidential debate in 1988, republican dan quayle. he invoked the memory of john f. kennedy and this was senator bentsen's response. >> senators, i served with jack kennedy, i knew jack kennedy, jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you are no jack kennedy. [applause] >> that still stings, doesn't it? is it possible to prepare for something like that? >> h
Oct 21, 2012 1:00am PDT
to honshu. the uss ronald reagan, the first effort was to save lives. eventually it would come underneath the plume and protect the radiation in the atmosphere. next slide. this eventually became a hubs and spoke approach to providing support in northeast honshu. as we provide that support, what you are looking is our own way of working with u.s. aid. these other rapid response teams, developing a picture of who is in need so that we can have a better understanding of situational awareness on the ground and act on that information. it allowed us to address the directed needs of the people of japan. what the people wanted was to return to normal as soon as possible. meaning they wanted to clear the schools. they wanted to address the human needs of the population. which meant showers. it also meant providing use it to help to relieve the tension and the pressure that had built up on people. now, to the consequent management. while the humanitarian assistance operation is in place, we need to get through an understanding of what goes on. in other words, we needed to build a reactor. we need
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,484 (some duplicates have been removed)